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7618 Woodman Ave
Panorama City, CA, 91402 STE 15
United States


Every Job is so unique, its difficult to have a "One Cart fits every Job"

We customize each system for each job so you are getting the most efficient workflow without paying for un-needed equipment

Here are some examples of systems we offer:

Rent our Sprinter! - $175/day


Blackmagic Micro Panel

The DaVinci Resolve Micro Panel from Blackmagic Design is a portable Color Control surface that provides more control and a faster workflow to DaVinci Resolve software than working with a keyboard and mouse alone. It features three high-resolution, weighted trackballs and 12 control knobs for accessing essential primary color-correction tools in the Resolve software. Eighteen dedicated keys on the right side also give you access to the most commonly used grading features and playback controls.


ThunderPack Mini:

The ThunderPack Mini (ThP Mini) is an all-in-one, battery powered solution for your remote and difficult locations. This small powerhouse can handle your downloads, transcodes and LTO archives all off battery power. The internal raid and external SAS allow for blazing bandwidth of over 1000MB/sec. The ThunderPack Mini can power your MacBook Pro, external drives and a 17" monitor all off battery power.

  • SDI video out allows for image viewing and QC.
  • Can be powered from 110-240 AC, Internal Batteries, Anton Bauer VCLX or Dionic HC batteries
  • Solar panels are available as an additional charging solution.  

$400/Day (requires MacBook Pro, not included)


Data Pusher: Retina MBP, with card readers and backup power supply $275/Day




Data Pusher Plus: Retina MBP, with Card Readers and Backup Power Supply and THB 2.0 Mini Raid $325/Day




Data Monster: nMP (Trashcan) Apple Cinema Display 27", 8CORE, with Card Readers and Backup Power Supply $400/Day


Dailies/Transcode Systems


DaVinci Resolve Color Correction system:

nMP (Trashcan) Dual D700 GPU, with card readers and backup power supply, cart, 4x4 tent, 24"10Bit Monitor or 27" Apple Cinema Display Monitor included $500/Day

  • needed: 32TB RAID 5  ( 1000+MB/sec) Add $200 Day




DaVinci Resolve Color Correction system: 

Mac Pro Silver 12core, R9 or GTX980 GPU, Built-In 12-24TB RAID 0, with card readers and backup power supply, cart, 4x4 tent, 24"10Bit Monitor or 27" Apple Cinema Display Monitor included $500/Day







Teradek Wireless Access Point Router

The Teradek Link is a dual band WiFi router with built-in network bonding. Designed for use in broadcast and cinema applications, Link offers incredible range, several power options and a super rugged chassis suitable for regular abuse in the field and on set.


Teradek COLR Duo 3D LUT Box

  • LUT Box (CDL 1D and 33-Point 3D LUTs)
  • HDMI/SDI Cross-Converter
  • Wireless Controller for Ethernet Cameras
  • Supports 10-Bit Color
  • Simultaneous HDMI and SDI Outputs
  • Integrates with Pomfort LiveGrade Pro
  • Supports Virtually Every Camera Signal
  • Compatible with Virtually All Monitors
  • Convert RAW & LOG Signals for Monitoring
  • Part of Teradek Connected Set Workflow

Akitio NODE

Harness the power of eGPU! 

Using Thunderbolt 3 you can now utilize the power of external GPUs. Double to Triple your transcode speeds. Builtin 400W power supply. Comes with 1x NVIDIA GPU or AMD GPU depending on use. Requires Mac OS 10.12+ and ThB 2.0, ThB 3.0 preferred


The Thing HDSDI Wireless transmitter by Freakshow HD

With a real world 2000' LOS range, HDMI and SDI capability, Anton Bauer battery plates, manual channel selection, and zero delay, THE THING is a great, cost effective solution for a variety of transmitting needs

If you like the Teradeck Bolt 2000 $450/day or Paralinx Tomahawk $550/day you love this Transmitter at $350/day


Codex Dual Dock CDX-SAS-7500 (Thunderbolt or SAS configuration) 


The fastest device available for downloading Codex XR mags $450/day. 

New SXR Capture Drives

The new SXR Capture Drives represent the next generation of professional solid-state media for ALEXA SXT and ALEXA 65 cameras. Sophisticated selection of memory, careful manufacturing processes and a modern, robust housing design make these the most reliable media on the market. Their lightning-fast maximum write speed of 20 Gb/s allows for higher maximum frame rates with some recording formats, while the 1 TB (red collar) or 2 TB (blue collar) capacity permits longer recording times. The new drives are accompanied by a new SXR Capture Drive Dock (TB). 


Flander's Scientific Monitor DM-250

  • Adds new custom marker named Symmetry Grid.
  • New Luminance Mode Selections: Standard, Custom, Studio, and Outdoor.

Follow the link to learn more:


Akitio Thunder 2 Quad Mini 8TB SSD Raid

8TB SSD RAID 0 1200MB/sec $150/day



Blackmagic Design Smart Videohub 12x12 6G-SDI

The Smart Videohub 12 x 12 6G-SDI from Blackmagic Design is a mixed format router with 12 6G-SDI inputs and 12 6G-SDI outputs for routing any combination of SD, HD, Ultra HD 4K, and DCI 4K video. 

   Blackmagic Design: Smart Videohub

  • Promise 2 R8 (32TB RAID 5 with 1000+MB/sec) $200/Day when added to the package 
  • Akitio Thunderbolt 4TB RAID 0 
  • Decklink SDI output device Add $25-75
  • HD Link Pro $50/Day
  • LiveGrade System- MBP, HD Link Pro, DA, USB hub- $175/Day (Live Coloring of Live Camera Feed)
  • Tangent Element Color Control Surface Add $75
  • Tangent Wave Color Control Surface Add $75
  • Sonnet IIID Expansion Chassis ThB 2.0 wt any I/O $95/Day
  • Red Rocket X $250/Day
  • Lockit Box $75-100/Day
  • LTO-6 Drive $175/Day LTO-6 Drop off services $.50 per Gig)
  • Quantum LTO 6 Desktop Backup System
  • LaCie Esata Hub
  • Belkin Thunderbolt Hub
  • Thunderbolt Optical Cable 20'
  • Codex Dual Dock CDX-SAS-7500 (Thunderbolt or SAS configuration) $450/day
    • The fastest device available for downloading Codex XR mags
  • Black Magic Ultra Studio Mini Monitor

Computer Monitors:

  • Apple Cinema Display 27"
  • NEC PA 242 10bit Display 24"  

HD Video Monitors:

  • Sony 17" PVM 1741 OLED Monitor $350/Day
  • Sony 25" PVM 2541 OLED Monitor $375/Day
  • Sony 25" BVM F250 Critical Reference Monitor $450/Day
  • Leader 5330 Waveform Monitor
  • Panasonic 1760 BT-LH1760P

DIT Engineering:

  • Blackmagic Video Hub 12x12
  • Decimator DA 1 to 6 distribution amplifier  
  • Ambient Lock it Box ACL 204
  • Denecke Lock it Box
  • Village Black-Out Tent 6x6
  • Village Black-Out Tent 8x8
  • 4x4 Cart Tent 
  • Anton Bauer VCLX Block Battery 12/24
  • Anton Bauer Dionic HC


  • Large Silver DIT House Cart 24x48
  • Medium Silver DIT House Cart 24x40
  • Magliner Jr. with Backstage Shelves 24x36
  • Magliner Sr. with Backstage Shelves 24x48
  • Yeager Jr Travel Cart 24x40